Bavarian Pope Entrusts Germany To Lead Europe, Others Cautious Of The Grand Inquisitor

German President Horst Koehler blasphemed, “Holy Father, welcome home, welcome home to Germany” and Bavarian Minister-President Edmund Stoiber of the Christian Social Union Party proffered “the Christian roots of Bavaria are strong and full of energy,” music to the ears of the Bavarian Pope Benedict XVI ready to inspire Germany to have Europe follow their lead in a danse macabre.

The “holy Roman” arrived in Munich to galvanize the underground forces ready to spring into action to revive the empire of the German Nation, all allegedly in service to Europa – a damsel in distress – and in pagan devotion to “Mary” (in whose square they convened, before St. Mary’s Column, a bizarre confluence of Bavarian, German and Roman ambitions). According to the views of such “warriors,” the two-headed dragon of Islam and secularism must be slain for “Christian Western Civilization” to survive and Germany is again being called upon to wield the necessary sword as “The Defender of the [Catholic] Faith.”

Germany might find it providential that they’re in the heart of Europe and have seen more of their sons rise to emperor status than all others combined. Stoiber thanked the pope for addressing issues that confront the modern world, “in warning when Christian values and human dignity threatened to be overcome by the spirit of the times.” Stoiber clearly struck a chord with the audience and received the most thunderous applause when he chimed, “It moves us deeply in our souls when the head of the Roman Catholic Church says, ‘My heart beats Bavarian.'”

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Will Europe soon feel two hearts (Church and State) beat as one? Is not this Bavarian pope’s visit to Germany a media blitz to move Europe to find meaning and shelter under the cross to ward away the evil of Islam and awaken them to the dead end of secularism? Will Germany challenge the continent to remember their roots, going on offensive against those liberals who have made moot, as much as possible, professing Christian influence as exposed in the present preamble to the EU Constitution? Hasn’t the pope issued the call for this new crusade, ignited in Bavaria, to gain momentum throughout Germany and spread across Europe?

“At decisive moments throughout their history, the Bavarian people have always confirmed their sincere devotion to the see of Peter and their firm attachment to the Catholic faith.”

The pope summoned and invoked “all my compatriots in Bavaria and throughout Germany will play an active part in the transmission of the fundamental values of the Christian faith to the citizens of tomorrow.”

The Bavarian pope acknowledged, “The relations between Bavaria and the Holy See, notwithstanding some moments of tension, have always been marked by warm, cordial respect.” A reference to those who opposed granting then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, an honorary citizenship of Munich to mark his years there as archbishop, stating “We don’t need a Grand Inquisitor,” referring to his nickname as the strict enforcer of church doctrine.

Now that Germany and Europe are at a historic crossroads, a decisive moment, will such protests be a thing of the past and prove too unpopular, even dangerous, as Germany prepares to take the EU bull by the horns and the crowds get whipped up?

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